GEOGRAPHY department

Pupils in the Lower School follow our own courses that are based on the UK National Curriculum, but adapted to meet the needs of our international student community. Pupils are introduced to a range of geographical knowledge, skills and processes which are gradually developed to increase an awareness of the world through studies at a local, national and global level.

At GCSE, we follow specification A of the Edexcel Geography syllabus. This course allows us to examine a number of exciting and contemporary topics with an opportunity to base lessons on real-world events as they happen. There is a focus on climate change and sustainability as well as an emphasis on the geographical skills that geographers need to progress to A level and that employers value. Students also undertake a 2000 word fieldwork project.

At AS level, in the Autumn term we study the causes, impacts and management of global challenges. In the Spring term, a geographical investigations unit focuses on ‘Crowded Coasts’ and ‘Rebranding places’. Fieldwork is an important component of this unit.

At A2 we study a range of contemporary topics: energy security, water conflicts, biodiversity under threat, superpower geographies, bridging the development gap and the technological fix. A second unit, based on independent study, personal research and fieldwork allows for student personal interests and strengths through a choice of study area.

Mr. D. Geary
Head of Geography