FRENCH department

The French Department at Kensington School is a strong department with many years of experience in the teaching of French as a second language. It is a dynamic department and encourages students to learn about the French society, culture and traditions. It is formed by two French native speakers who are fully qualified teachers and have experience in the British educational system.

Pupils in Forms 1 and 2 are taught in whole class groups and expand upon the learning undertaken in the final year of Junior School. In Forms 3, 4 and 5 we tailor the learning of French to our students’ needs by splitting the class in two levels. The class size is therefore very small and allows the students to get all the attention they need from their teachers as well as having the opportunity to develop their speaking skills.

At GCSE, pupils will learn a variety of skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. All of these are assessed separately and will all contribute to the final grade awarded. Emphasis is placed on the practical elements of the French Language, and specific focus in on areas such as ‘Media and Culture’ or ‘Travel and Tourism’. It is hoped that the GCSE course will provide the necessary incentive for pupils to consider taking the subject at ‘A’ level.

‘A’ Level students will develop their knowledge of the subject and use a variety of techniques necessary to ensure good communication skills, and the confidence to express facts and ideas in the written form. Literature and the Arts feature as well as the use of French in a wider geographical context.

We encourage our students to read in French, watch series or films or to go on linguistic trips to French-speaking countries.

Mrs. J. Grandhomme
Head of French