Over the last couple of Thursdays Kensington School has been the proud host of two sets of inter-school debates, organized by Mrs Perigo. They appear to be quite historic occasions too, as no-one can remember any other English debates of this kind taking place between schools in Barcelona before.

The first set of debates were between Kensington and St Paul’s. Mr Evans very capably chaired the two Junior School debates on the topics of ‘Sport is just as important as academic subjects in school’ and ‘Computers can never replace teachers’. Kensington was represented by Mario and David on our first team, and Emanuel and Mehmet on our other. The result was one win to St Paul’s and a draw.

In the Middle School debate that ‘The Internet does more harm than good’ the Kensington team of Sofya, Nafisa and Bea was declared the winner in a very close debate. And the Kensington Senior team of Cristina, Laura and Pedro convincingly beat St Paul’s on the topic that ‘Abortion should be freely available’.

The following Thursday The British School of Barcelona brought their Middle school team to debate the motion that ‘The world is getting worse, not better’. On this occasion our team of Andri, Oscar and Francisco was narrowly beaten by the BSB. Thanks to Ms Carrier-Sippy for being our excellent Chair on both occasions, and to Forms Two and Three for providing the audience.

Our guests enjoyed the occasions so much that they have both invited Kensington teams back for debates next term, and there are preparations underway for debates with two other schools too in the next academic year.

Congratulations to all those who represented Kensington in these debates and showed such great potential and commitment.  We look forward to even greater participation next year, and remind all students about the newly formed Debating Club where they can learn and practice valuable communication skills. Join up next September!


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