Kensington School is academically non-selective, with large number of students working in their second or third language. As a result, we have been delighted with the performance of our examination candidates in recent years.

For university entrance worldwide the crucial Advanced Level grades are A and B. During the past six years our results have consistently exceeded English national figures by an average of almost 20% at grade A and 14% at grade B. Our six year average A/A* figure is 45% with 66% of our pupils scoring B or above in the same period.

At GCSE the figures are equally impressive, with 62% of pupils obtaining A/A* in the same six year period. (The national average for England is 22%) 79% of Kensington School candidates have achieved a grade B or above compared to the English national average of 42%

These results could only have been achieved by experienced teachers working with relatively small groups of well motivated students who enjoy the splendid support of families who really value education.