English language underpins every mainstream subject, giving the EAL department a unique role in supporting pupils´ academic goals. Support is provided on an individual or group basis as students attend EAL lessons during mainstream English.

The areas covered are reading, writing, listening and speaking and many students complete the Trinity Speaking Examinations which is also internationally recognised.

The EAL lessons immerse students into an individual tailored examination based programme that increases their confidence and competence in preparation for IGCSE EAL or indeed GCSE English.

The Cambridge English exams are officially accepted by universities and employers globally and these certificates can open doors to higher education as well as improve job prospects.

For students wanting to study a Humanities subject at ‘A’ Level it is necessary that they attain an ‘A’ at IGCSE English (EAL).

Students who are weaker in English may also be recommended to schedule extra after school EAL lessons, particularly if they needed more intensive tuition. Our extra-curricular after school activities are also an ideal opportunity for cultural interaction and further practice of spoken language skills.