Changing rooms can be somewhat dull places with bare tiled walls – but not at Kensington. J5 and J6 pupils have produced eye-catching health posters which convey a clear health message as a result of some intense brainstorming in the class room. Eight posters in total were chosen by Mr Vanderheyden to be displayed in the changing rooms to inspire all pupils who get dressed there.

The artists are:


– Sarah

– Estela

– Zhi Shan

– Nicolas



– Clara

– Sofia N.

– Makar

– Nacho

Many thanks to these pupils for their effort and to Mr Simpson and Mr Kelly for the follow up lessons.

Mr Bayes was given the somewhat difficult task of choosing an overall winner and he eventually chose Estela´s poster which is shown opposite; many congratulations to her!



Clara from J6 has very kindly written the following report regarding a BISA football tournament. I think you will agree she writes with considerable style and accuracy :-
I am writing about a football tournament that my friends and I went to recently at the BSB (British School of Barcelona).
J5 and J6 were invited to the tournament and it was a mixed tournament so we were all counting on both boys and girls in each team. The pupils who participated from our school were : Boris from J5, Saeha, Mehmet and I from J6. The other schools in the tournament were ISB which had 2 teams, SEK and BSB which also had 2 teams.
More players from Kensington were meant to come but because it was raining heavily most of the people who signed up thought it was cancelled and didn’t turn up at the tournament! So we only had four players in the Kensington team which was hard because then we had to borrow players from the other teams.
We played five matches of 15 min. The scores were:
· KS vs. Sitges ISB 2: 0-1
· KS vs. Sitges ISB 1:0-2
· KS vs. SEK:1-6
· KS vs. BSB 1:0-0
· KS vs. BSB 2:1-0
So in total we only won one match but we all had great fun and it was an amazing experience for the Kensington team. I have learnt a lot about football; I now know all the rules and some of the tactics. At the end of the tournament there was a medal ceremony for all the children who had participated. All the teams won a medal. The winner of the competition was the school SEK who were rather fierce!
Overall it was an extremely fun day and we would like to thank Mr Vanderheyden for taking us there. I am sure that those who stayed at home because of the rain would have enjoyed it a lot.
Clara J6


On Friday in the Junior School Assembly a warm round of applause greeting the following presentations :-

Nursery: Yuzuki – for some lovely pictures of Spring flowers and for bringing flowers to school every day

Reception: Camila – for making a beautiful symmetrical butterfly

J1: Amber – for joining in class discussions much more this week

J2: Taisiia – for improving her spelling score on the weekly tests

J3: Ella – for designing and making a model Anglo Saxon style coin

J4: Lucas S – for using very descriptive words, enhancing his written work

J5: Mario – for 100%, five weeks in a row, in the spelling test

J6: Lucilla – for her brilliantly tense story opening

Mrs Douglas Award: Sofia V, Sofia N, Ananya, Clara, Katharine and Sae Ha for their hard work in organizing library books into alphabetical order.

Well Done everyone!


Not a real kangaroo but a global maths event…
Following on from his excellent result in the Intermediate Maths Challenge Freddie was invited to take part in the Grey Kangaroo. This is a maths challenge that originated in Australia (hence the name) and is organized by Kangourou sans Frontières ( Each year over six million children aged 5-18 from more than 50 countries take part in their challenges at various levels.
Freddie sat his challenge on 18th March. We are now proud to report that he finished in the top 25% for which he has been awarded a Certificate of Merit.