Table Tennis Match Report

Another week and another excellent meeting of the table tennis club.

This week we continued our focus in using the shoulders to strike the ball and all students were walking around with their left hand on their right shoulder to detect movement. This technique had instant effects with students striking the ball much better and they themselves admitted that it was working.

Well done everyone, a lot of progress today!

Junior 2 trip to the Zoo

On November 15th, the children in J2 spent a fantastic day at Barcelona zoo, as part of our science topic on animals and English work about letter writing.
In the morning, they visited the zoo’s Department of Education, where they were shown a collection of animal skeletons and skins to identify, touch and discuss. They were then taken on a very educational guided tour, (in English), and enjoyed seeing the kangaroos, wilder beast, zebra, hippos, monkeys, Comodo Dragons, seahorses, sea lions, dolphins, penguins and many more!

After stopping for a picnic lunch, the children were excited to be joined by a special visitor called Michael, (interpreted by Makar Vinogradov from Form 2). Michael is a fictional character, from the book “Dear Teacher” by Amy Husband, with whom the children have been communicating, by e-mails and letters, over the past few weeks. He was due to start school in September, but was unexpectedly called away, by the secret police, on a mission to rescue a lost explorer on Everest. His adventures continued as he searched for a treasure map in Egypt and the treasure chest in the Amazon.

Michael was happy to answer the children’s questions about his experiences, including his encounters with some evil pirates, and he kindly brought along the chocolate treasure to share! He played with the children in the playground, on the roundabout, zip wire and slides, before accompanying us to see the baby orangutans and the big cats. We even saw some tapirs and capibaras that Michael had met on his travels in the Amazon!

Junior Assembly Awards

This week’s awards of merit are as follows:

Reception: Niamh, for trying hard to learn her words and alphabet sounds.

J1: Artem, for concentrating and following instructions this week.

J2: Vivian, for always behaving perfectly and trying her best.

J3: Leone, for answering well in English lessons and excellent effort in multiplication tables.

J4: Will, for helping to edit the script for the play about diabetes awareness.

J5: Rodrigo, for becoming a much more enthusiastic participant in class discussions.

J6: Dante, for improvement in presentation of work and effort in Spanish work.

Mrs Douglas Award: Pashmina and Sania, for being careful and helpful with the nursery children at playtimes.

Ambassador of kindness award: Erik, for Helping Artilla to settle into school life.

Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Last Saturday the Ultimate Frisbee League took place at Pavelló de la Mar Bella at 09:30.

The students who represented Kensington School in the tournament were: Marta (F4), Marco (F3), Ananya (F2), Leo (F2), Lydia (F2), Elsa (F1), Rebbecca (F1), Pep (J5) and Atharva (J5).

Our first match was at 10:00 against the school INS Vallès from Sabadell. We won 6-5 against them.

At 12:00 we played against the ‘Flying Squirrels’, they had impressive skills. Unfortunately we lost 8-3 against them.

This one victory and one defeat made us second in group A. At 13:00 we then played against the school Balandrau, the second out of group B. Unfortunately this team didn’t have enough players, so we kindly lent them two of our players; myself and Rebecca as they had no girls.

The all Kensington team eventually won 6-5 at the very last moment. In the overall ranking Kensington School became 3rd out of 6 teams and we only lost from the tournament winners; the flying squirrels.

We played in the Under 15 category with two J5 boys and two F1 girls, so I was very impressed with our results as we played very well against all the older players. I personally had a lot of fun playing against other schools and I hope more Kensington pupils will participate in the upcoming grass tournament in the second term.

Elsa F1

CIS Barcelona College & University Fair

Last month our sixth formers enjoyed their visit to the British Universities Fair and returned to Kensington with a much enlightened understanding of what is on offer at tertiary level in the UK.

However, we are an international school with almost half of our leavers joining universities far away from the British Isles so our visit on November 8th to the annual Council of International Schools Fair was extremely worthwhile. Representatives of colleges from all around the world spoke to our pupils with a particular focus on entry requirements and day-to-day campus life.

Choosing a university is a difficult and very time consuming process but attendance at these fairs has made the decision a little easier to make. We would like to thank the Benjamin Franklin School for kindly hosting the event and Ms.Ruiz for accompanying the party on the day a general strike made transport somewhat problematic!

It is very fashionable for events such as this to request feedback so in future it would be nice to see the exhibitors attend for longer than two hours; the queues were unreasonably long and the event was very crowded. Having made this point we must stress that, on balance, it was a splendid occasion.

We fully appreciate our good fortune living in Barcelona having such occasions so close to our school; some students had spent over two hours travelling to the event.