Wolfgang Sellmeyer - Founding Student 1966

We were delighted to welcome Wolfang Sellmeyer to the school. Wolfang was part of the very first Kensington School intake in 1966 and as such is a 'Founding Student' of the school.

Over coffee we were able to reminisce as to how the school has evolved yet retains much of the character and spirit it had over fifty years ago. Whilst looking at photographs from that era, he was able to remember his fellow students and the names of many of the teaching staff.

The meeting also gave us the chance to share memories of his late mother, Ann-Marie Sellmayer and the school's founder Edward Paul Giles as they shared ideas as to the future of the school. The Sellmayer and Giles families knew one another from their time in Mexico. Paul Giles began his teaching career at Greengates School in Mexico City and would later tutor Wolfgang and his brother Dieter when in Barcelona.

Our thanks to Wolfang for taking the time to come and visit, meet with some of our long standing staff members and remind us, yet again, as to what a unique and wonderful school we have in Kensington.

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