J5 Egyptian Archeology Trip

Article written by our Junior 5 Student, Nathan Wang...

"First of all, we left our school by bus around 9 o’clock in the morning. It took around 25 minutes to arrive at the archaeology campus and I was really excited.

The first thing we all did was eat our snacks and by the way, the floor outside was made from thousands of pebbles which was really fun to step on. After that, we all went to get a tray full of items that we are going to use when we dig and went to a sand pit and started digging. When we reached deep enough, we all started to find different things. After 30 to 40 minutes, we started to discover lots and lots of things that were buried deep in the sand pit. Every 4 or 5 minutes we switched partners to do jobs; for example, one person had to dig and put the sand into the tray and your partner had to dump the sand in a big pile. After repeating this pattern a few times, we found a whole Egyptian Sarcophagus, with a mummy inside. We also found some clay bottles and tools with hieroglyphs on. It was very fun.

Then we went up the hill to a small grass field and there was a big metal trapdoor, with stairs leading to an underground door that was blocked with stones. We were all excited and Daniel told us a lot of facts. When Daniel finished with the facts, we lined up and Noah grabbed all the stones and passed them along. When the stone blocks were out of the way, we went inside the tomb.

It was a little cold and dark and when we all entered the cave, there was a path that we followed that led to a small room. There were lots of Hieroglyphics on the walls and small pictures neatly drawn.Angeles told us A LOT of things about the tomb and the Egyptians.

I was starting to get hungry but I still want to listen to the facts because it was very interesting. After all of that, we went to eat our lunch and after lunch we had a nice long break! We played outside but sadly we had to go. So I packed my bag and followed Mr Kelly to the bus. On our way, we waved goodbye to Daniel and Angeles for their amazing hard work and facts so thanks to them!

I enjoyed this unforgettable trip a lot!


- Nathan Wang, J5

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