Forest Clean Up with our Eco Committee

Kensington School is fortunate to be located near an area of natural beauty, the Collserola park. There are many access routes and the one through the Finestrelles water depository is only a short walk from the school.

We were delighted that members of the Eco Committee decided to follow-up last term’s successful beach clean with a forest clean-up. This took place on Wednesday 6th April when students in Forms 1, 2 and 3 made the short walk and undertook a most successful morning of litter collection. They were accompanied by a number of teachers including Mr Vanderheyden and the school Headmaster, Duncan Giles.

Students were able to collect an array of items, from empty glass bottles to discarded construction rubble and assorted plastics - they even saw an abandoned rusted car! They left the park knowing that they were leaving the area in a better condition than what they found it in and the exercise should have also instilled in them an understanding as to how they too should be mindful of their own habits when exploring areas of natural beauty.

Students made use of the recycling bins opposite the school - they were instrumental in lobbying the council to place them there in 2019 and also the nearby recycling plant, ‘Punt Verd’.

We are always keen for students to discover and learn beyond the classroom and this opportunity will have gone some way to developing their fuller understanding of their immediate environment.

More information as to how the Ajuntament de Barcelona promoted the recycling of household waste can be found HERE