Art Trip to Dali Theatre Museum

On Friday the 24th of February, Form 2, Form 4 and Lower 6th Fine Art students enjoyed a surreal visit to the Dali Theatre Museum of Figueres, his Birthplace.

We had the unique experience of exploring the surreal world of Salvador Dali with a superb local guide who explained the meaning behind some of his most bizarre and wonderful range of paintings, sculptures and holograms. The highlight of the visit was seeing a room that reconstructed Dali´s portrait of Mae West by using a ruby-red couch (her lips) placed between two paintings (her eyes) and a fireplace (her nose). On first sight it is simply a room with random objects, but students then climbed the stairs and peered through a lens that revealed a 3D painting of Mae West!

It was a surreal and inspiring visit enjoyed by all!
Miss Lewis

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