Students in Form 3 visited Paris last month and were able to enjoy the many sights and sounds of the French capital. The trip organised by the French and Art departments focused on Parisian life and the art in the city.
In addition to practicing their French and seeing the famed Parisian sights, students were able to experience the artistic side of one of the art capitals of the world. As F3 students have been studying ‘Street Art’ this term in Art, they were thrilled to see some of the most famous Street Artist´s murals in District 13 of Paris. Students took part in a ‘Street Art Treasure Hunt’, with two teams racing against each other to follow French directions to leading them to different works of art, where they completed drawing and photography activities.
As well as seeing some of the more modern work on the Parisian streets, students had the opportunity to visit La Louvre, seeing some of the most famous artworks ever created, including da Vinci´s Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. They also saw some artists in action on the streets of Montmartre, where they completed a ‘Rally Photo’ competition.
All students had an excellent time and it was a wonderful opportunity for them to see first hand and up-close the many exciting pieces on display and enjoy life In one of the world’s most beautiful cities. We look forward to running a similar trip next year.

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