Kensington School seeks to create an environment in which all members of the school community feel supported and free from bullying: we work with staff, students and parents to create a school community where bullying is not tolerated. All types of bullying are harmful and can prevent students achieving their academic and personal potential.
This message is reinforced throughout the school and in particular during the PSHE lessons. (Personal, Social, Health, Economic)
Last year, students in Form 2 helped draft the school’s policy, developed ideas and strategies to combat bullying and devised an awareness campaign to tackle the issue.
Students were asked how they would draw attention to the problem and how they would appeal to a target audience. They chose a variety of techniques and methods to raise awareness and designed posters as part of that campaign. All artwork was then sent to a professional designer who used the student’s work as inspiraton for the final design.
All posters as well as the original designs are on display in the school’s Main Hall. Please do come and take the time to enjoy the work of our students.
A full copy of the Anti-Bullying policy is available to download from the school website.

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