Many thanks to Ananya in J6 for providing this interesting report for our website and to mrs Khan for the splendid ‘ Jumping for Joy’ photograph.

Last weekend 3 schools came to the Mar Bella beach in Barcelona to play in the Ultimate Frisbee school league:

·         Más Boadisc

·         Vallés Up

·         Kensington school

This was a Frisbee competition, sponsored by Aneto and organized by Mr.Vanderhayden. A point is scored when one team catches the disc in the opposing team’s end zone. The players must not move while holding the disc.

Our school was divided into two teams, KS A, represented by students from J6 and F1and KS B, represented by students from F2.

Each match lasted 30 min with each school competing against each other. In the end, KS A played against KS B and Vallés Up played against Mas Boadisc. At the end of the tournament, KS A won the competition and was awarded a trophy and medals; KS B came in 2nd place and was also awarded a trophy; Valles Up came 3rd and Más Boadisc came 4th. The Kensington School got support from the parents who came to watch the tournament.

I liked the way how each school worked as a team, they were kind yet competitive and played the games with true spirit. Playing Ultimate Frisbee on sand was fun but exhausting.

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