A very successful and enjoyable school year ended with a delightful Prizegiving Ceremony in the splendid local theatre in Sarria.

A grand total of fifty two students were welcomed on stage to receive prestigious awards relating to the whole spectrum of activities pursued at Kensington during the past year.

The presentations were interspersed with many students confidently and competently delivering prose and poetry readings. These were much enjoyed by the audience who appreciated the clarity and enthusiasm of the readers who had all spent a considerable time practising with their English teachers.

Many hours of rehearsing during the after school music club also enabled our school choir to successfully perform some of their favourite songs on stage with the backing of Miss Hunter on a wonderful grand piano.

To sing or read in front of such a large audience requires courage, determination and commitment so all those volunteers who took part are warmly commended for their outstanding contribution to the ceremony. It is also worth noting that for most of our singers and readers English is not their mother tongue; this makes their achievement all the more praiseworthy.

The colourful finale involved all the house captains and their assistants coming forward waving their house flags with real gusto to listen to Mr Vanderheyden announce the winners of this year´s Champion House trophy; many congratulations to Middlesex who just pipped Lancaster and Victoria to the post after a year-long series of wide ranging competitive activities.

As everyone filed out of the theatre the genuine sense of pride in the achievements of the children was obvious on the faces of teachers and families.

Everyone now richly deserves a happy and fun-filled summer holiday. We look forward to welcoming all our students back to Kensington on Wednesday 7th September.

Until then…..relax, enjoy and recharge your batteries!

(To read the details of the programme please click on the front page and then view the pages in sequence.)

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