6th Form chemistry day trip

On Thursday the 24th of October, the Chemistry department took Upper 6th students on a half-a-day trip to the Escola Superior d’Enginyeries Industrial, Aeroespacial i Audiovisual de Terrassa Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
(eseiaatUPCtech) installations.

The purpose of this field trip was to contextualize some of the concepts covered during the first half of this winter term.

Upon arrival, they were greeted and guided to a conference room where they were given a short motivational talk about the great prospects that engineers are presented with and how eseiaatUPCtech could help them become one.

Shortly after that, they were acquainted with some of the chemistry technical laboratory facilities, where they attended a workshop on the history and chemistry of colours and dyes. In particular they observed how changes of pH can affect the colour of some substances, including fluorescein-containing substances.

Our chemistry students found the experience fun, enriching and thought provoking.

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