CosmoCaixa Field Trip

On the 16 of October 2017, our Form 2 class went on a field trip to CosmoCaixa.

We were each given a worksheet to complete, the answers for the worksheet were written in the museum. Our task was to complete all the questions for science and geography worksheet before the field trip was over.

In CosmoCaixa we looked at different types of animals and what sounds they make, we also looked at how animals used to look like, we saw how big a rainforest can get, different types of fish and what their diet is, we saw different types of brains and that the size of the brain does not matter so much as how many folds there are, we looked at human evolution, optical illusions, how deaf people communicate, how the earth will look like in a 1000 years looking at how the earth’s plates move the different continents and we saw what makes a hot air balloon go up. We really enjoyed it, it was a good idea to give us a worksheet so we had plenty of things to keep us busy.

It was a good combination between fun and learning we had a good time there and learnt something new, we also had to work together to understand each question.

If we could we would like to do it again!

Naomi Schneider-Tovdal

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