Upper 6th winners of costume competition

Upper 6th enjoyed tucking into a pizza feast this afternoon as a prize for winning last year’s costume competition.

Back in February, the charity committee organized a Carnival costume competition throughout the senior school in order to raise funds to support the Syrian refugee crisis and those affected by the flooding in Peru. The winners were the form who collaborated and made the greatest effort with their carnival costumes. Well done Upper 6th, we hope you enjoyed your well-deserved treat!

The competition will run again next Friday (27th October) with a Halloween theme.

All students have the option to give a small donation and come dressed in a costume. The senior form who makes the greatest effort to dress up in the spookiest way, will receive a prize later this year. There will also be a Halloween bakesale on the same day.

All money raised will go to the charity ‘Helping Hands’, which funds volunteers around the world in helping after natural disasters have occurred. Much of their current work is focused on Mexico, after the recent earthquakes, and Puerto Rico, which was seriously damaged by severe hurricanes.

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